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The spirits have called and it's time now for me to launch my Full Moon Master Manifesting Class. I will be hosting this masterclass on the 20th oct at 4 PM UK time.


In this masterclass, we will all receive an extremely powerful upgrade with regards to our manifestational powers. And I will teach you my number one manifestation tool, which I learned from an incredible teacher.


This is a very high end offering, and it's really only available for people that are very, very deeply committed to their spiritual evolutionary path.


I will teach you the three core fundamental principals to manifest your heart's desire. 


And we will also work with the energy of the group to fully empower your deepest desire into physicality.


There are 50 spots available for this manifestation masterclass. If you would like to go on the pre-book list, please email me and I will send you the invitation. The cost to participate in this two hour workshop is 222 pounds. 

There are 50 spots available.


This is a powerful opportunity for you to have close proximity to me and to calibrate to my manifestational powers and my spiritual frequency. Working with an embodied mentor truly is the fast track to up-leveling and stabilizing your vibration at a very high optimum level.I am also living as a role model walking the path of someone who who truly owns have value and and is not afraid to express her value in the world……..